Update your inspection strategy

What is the impact of the Internet of Things on your Inspection Strategy?

How can you use internet to improve your inspection?

We believe that the future inspection strategy will contain new elements that leverage digital transformation of data, online monitoring, trending of inspection data, 3D digital twins, and the use of robots for inspection. Most tools to enable this digitization are already available and major oil- and gas companies are implementing them successfully. Application of these tools reduces the impact of inspection on turn arounds and avoids human entries in confined spaces.

The Minimum Intervention Strategy for Inspection combines all the above mentioned elements; it has been implemented in many facilities and has resulted in cost savings up to 50%.

MISI-Consultancy experts can advise you on the development of a Minimum Intervention Strategy and support the implementation of improved Risk Based Inspection, Corrosion Management and optimal use of inspection data.

Minimum Intervention Strategy for Inspection

The objective of MISI is change of the inspection scope from intrusive to non-intrusive by applying advanced non-destructive examination. The remaining intrusive scope is optimized by using robotic technologies and LEAN principles.

Development and implementation of MISI has resulted in cost reductions for shutdown related inspection work . We deliver a review of your existing inspection strategy with a focus on data quality, the status of Risk Based Inspection analysis and the specification of an optimized inspection scope.

Although developed for the Oil and Gas industry the concept and principles can easily be applied for other industries as well.

What can be achieved by implementing this ‘Inspection Strategy 4.0’?

With smart use of state-of-the-art technology such as robots, advanced non-destructive testing and drones you can reach up to 50% cost reductions for your turn arounds.

MISI-Consultancy can execute these activities for you and guide the implementation. We collaborate with reputable companies in non-destructive testing, robotic applications and inspection data analytics.

Eliminate confined space entries for inspection

Industry leaders have recently stated: “No more confined space entries for inspection!”

The risks associated with entering confined spaces for inspection can be reduced significantly by applying Non-Intrusive Inspection.
We think that with a mature Risk Based Inspection (RBI) approach and applying advanced Non-Destructive Testing most of your intrusive inspections can be avoided.
The application of our Minimum Intervention Strategy has been realized in over 20 facilities worldwide, each of them having reductions in their intrusive inspections.

MISI-Consultancy experts can help you mature your RBI and implement these Non-Intrusive Inspection strategies.

Optimize Non-Destructive testing for projects and major maintenance

At the moment most inspection projects rely on radiography (RT) for the Quality Control of thin walled, small bore piping. However, RT is slow, costly and the radiation should be avoided.

We believe that the latest developments on Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing can reduce radiography significantly and save cost, construction time and exposure to radiation. In our projects, the construction time was reduced with months and the cost to less than 30% of the plan.

MISI-Consultancy experts can advise you on the application of UT in lieu of RT, execute an impact assessment for your projects, qualify the technology when it’s outside current codes, and connect you with companies who can deliver the services.