Optimize your Maintenance Strategies

MISI-consultancy can deliver a review of the present maintenance philosophy and -strategies and advise on structural improvements.

A facility review can be carried out with a focus on the integrity status, reliability- and availability aspects and identification of cost optimization opportunities.

Reduce cost for turnarounds up to 50%

You have implemented Risk Based Inspection (RBI) already, but can you improve it?

We believe a reduction of your inspection scope is possible by applying a quality review and identify improvements. Based on the expected degradation, and using advanced Non-Destructive Testing, the scope for intrusive inspections can be reduced. With the application of our Minimum Intervention Strategy for Inspection (MISI) cost reductions up to 50% have been realized in over 20 facilities.

MISI-Consultancy experts can help you with the RBI quality review and the implementation of alternatives for intrusive inspections.