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MISI-Consultancy delivers services for improvement of Maintenance- and Inspection strategies with a specific focus on MISI, a Minimum Intervention Strategy for Inspection.

Maintenance optimization

MISI-consultancy can deliver a review of the present maintenance philosophy and -strategies and advise on structural improvements.

A facility review can be carried out with a focus on the integrity status, reliability- and availability aspects and identification of cost optimization opportunities.

Turnaround optimization can lead up to 50% cost reduction by applying MISI in combination with proven cost saving technologies.

Update your inspection strategy

Implement a Minimum Intervention Strategy for Inspection

The objective of MISI is change of the inspection scope from intrusive to non-intrusive by applying advanced non-destructive examination. The remaining intrusive scope is optimized by using robotic technologies and LEAN principles. Development and implementation of MISI has resulted in cost reductions for shutdown related inspection work of up to 50%. It also reduces the amount of confined space entries for inspection.

MISI-Consultancy can deliver a review of your existing inspection strategy with a focus on data quality, the status of Risk Based Inspection analysis and the specification of an optimized inspection scope.

Optimize Non-Destructive testing

The use of Phased Array ultrasonic testing in lieu of radiographic testing can lead to significant cost- and schedule-savings for projects and for major maintenance activities.

MISI-Consultancy can advise on the application and guide the implementation by accredited inspection companies.

Accreditation Counselling

Many inspection agencies have been accredited for their services conform ISO 17020 the last couple of years, laboratories have been accredited conform ISO 17025. Since early 2019 MISI-Consultancy has reviewed inspection agencies and laboratories for compliance with these standards.

MISI-Consultancy can advise new inspection agencies and laboratories on the requirements for accreditation and implementation of the abovementioned standards.


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